Advanced Graphic Design for Print Media 313 Projects
Archaeology Project 
The project was to take an ordinary item and depict every detail of it for an audience viewing it 200 years in the future, where this item is no longer hypothetically in use. The challenge was to depict the item as an archaeological record of the present. If someone 200 years into the future were to read the poster, they should have a great understanding of it's function and why it was used.
Zoo Project
The objective was to create two black and white vector based illustrations that would be used for signs at a zoo; as well as create mock up merchandise that could be sold at the zoo. I chose the American Traditional tattoo style for the viper and honey bee, using over 10 references for each image.
Direct Mailer / Awareness Project
Step one of this project was to conceptualize and create a logo for a company that deals with a specific social cause- which included research about the cause. Step two was to create a two sided impactful direct mailer that visually exemplifies the organization's objectives. Step three, you had to include at least two original pieces of photography in the design, and finally, step 4- the direct mailer had to include at least one statistic about the cause to bring awareness to the organization. 

I chose to bring awareness to the honey bee, because it has been added to the endangered species list. Throughout the interactive mailer, I have multiple statistics including why bees are important, how they affect and benefit humans, and what will happen to humans if the bee were to go extinct. Each direct mailer includes a California Poppy seed packet. Once you remove the seed packet, underneath is more information on what you can do to join the movement and help save the bees and three websites that go into more detail about the bees decline and what you can do to help.
Dateline Project
For this assignment, each student was randomly assigned a period in time in which they had to find an unknown, yet interesting event and display it in a poster. The poster had to contain multiple outside resources, as well as a minimum of twelve cobbled letters out of other objects that add to the theme of the event. I had been assigned the year 1919 - which was the year that the first pop up bread toaster was invented. I found the image of the toaster in a magazine from a public library. ​​​​​​​
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